Soon my husband and I will be hitting the road with our RV in tow, heading to Alberta for our son's wedding... so exciting!! Of course my Singer is going too! Before travelling, I usually make up a couple small bins of "pre-cuts" to cut down on space required to house fabric in the trailer. It also makes things easier as it can be difficult to make cuts in a tight space like that or outside on a picnic table. 

I've got to do a custom baby blanket and I hope to make some "smalls" for the upcoming Ruskin Hall craft fair and for my Etsy shop. I'm really looking forward to it. 

We are going to be gone most of the month of May; we are coming back for the craft fair then who knows where we'll end up lol! 


I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted as a vendor at the Ruskin Hall Spring Craft Market which is on Saturday June 2nd, 1018 from 10 am to 3 pm. Come on out and visit me at my table! There will be both indoor and outdoor vendors,... I will be indoors. 

I am very excited about this one, as Ruskin Hall is dear to me having spent most of my life living in the neighbourhood there. 

You can read more about this and other events at Ruskin Hall by visiting their Facebook page

Ruskin Hall is located at  the corner of 284th St & 96th Ave.
Full address - 28395 96th Ave, Maple Ridge, BC.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Just when think winter is over, it's not lol. Here in southern BC we do not get much for snow usually, but we had a few dumps of it during February. With all that weather happening, it's a good time to stay in and sew! 

I've gotten several microwave bowl cozy's done and added to the shop, 4 of them are serving bowl size. Just received a new shipment of the specialized batting so I'll be adding more of the larger ones. I love making those on my treadle... it plows through just about any thickness! 

I've also recently added a cute little baby girl quilt with a carousel themed center which you can see by clicking here. To be fair to the boys, I'm currently working on a baby boy quilt! These quilts can be used for play mats or to just snuggle with. 



I have to apologize for my tardiness in getting things done lately. Both my husband and myself caught that bronchial bug that's going around and it's been a time getting over it. I've just finished my second round of meds and hopefully that will do the trick.

I've got all of my custom orders done, some personal gifts as well and cleaned all the fuzz out from inside my sewing machine so I'm good to go! 

Here is the latest changes to my "to do" list. 

  1. Bus seat pads (a warm little pad for those cold metal bus stop benches) - Don't think I will continue with these.
  2. Dish pads (an alternative or add on f or dish racks) - Approx half dozen available in the shop now and more coming. 
  3. Might make some pet pads for furniture protection. My dog and cat love laying the ones I made for them. 
  4. More Microwave bowl cozy's (in two sizes) - eventually, I usually do these on the treadle sewing machine but I have been sick a lot lately so not enough energy for it at this time lol. 
  5. Potato/corn bags (microwavable bags to make baked potatoes or corn in) - maybe/down the road

Completed projects: 

  1. Custom - shopping cart cover with carry bag
  2. Gift - Baby boy blanket 
  3. Custom - Big boy blanket 
  4. Gifts - Misc. Receiving blankets