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Change in website software

In case you were wondering why the place looks slightly different, it is… I’ve just switched content systems to one that has a small shop integration that works with Square payment processor. This will be beneficial for local events such as craft fairs or other local sales etc.

My local shop will co-inside with my Etsy shop and products will optionally be available in either place.



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New items in the Christmas section

I’ve been having some fun playing with my new hexagon template ruler. I’ve made about 12 new hex shaped mug rugs with some new Christmas fabrics and some more familiar ones too. Also a couple “Christmas star” centrepieces as well. 

You can check them out here…





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October News 2018

Just back today from a lovely visit with our sons in Alberta. I was very excited to hand deliver a (second) single size blanket to a lovely young family.

This is little Jack’s new blanket for when he moves to a “big boy bed”:

The lady holding the blanket is the little boy’s mom, and the other young lady who is holding little Jack is my daughter in law.

In other news, I am still working on getting my own set up for online sales through my website. This is to co-inside with Etsy, not replace it. That way my customers have a little more choice offered to them. I am going to use a software called “WooCommerce” which is related to WordPress blog software. I don’t use WordPress for my blog but a different system, but my WooCommerce online shop will be linked to with a link back here again. The software is set up to use Square Payment System among others, and should offer a little more variety.

That’s about all for now, other than I’ll be getting back to work on some Christmas gifts and some more things for the Etsy shop.

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Possible postal strike

Update: I heard that they have postponed the strike notice so it’s all good so far!

In the event of a postal disruption –

Option A: I will try to seek out other methods to get your items to you as quickly as possible. However with the elevated costs of couriers in my area, this may not be possible without being forced to charge shipping to cover their exorbitant rates.

Option B: If you would like an item, but are not in a rush for it, you can simply contact me via Etsy, my website or Facebook, with the item name and/or a link to the item, and I would be more than happy to reserve the item(s) for you. A small non-refundable deposit (via e-transfer) will be required to hold the item. Items under $5.00 will require full payment. The item will then have your name on it and be removed from the shop. Once our postal issues are settled, items will then be mailed out immediately to customers.

(I’m liking option B myself)

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.