Well I've been busy as a little bee lately. I have been trying various software that will co-inside with Square Payment and Etsy. I've installed and uninstalled several. I found the first two did not serve my purpose, and I found the last one painfully slow to load... even with "optimization" in place. So I decided to stick with Joomla CMS and add on the little shop that the SquareUp.com website gives you on to the site here.

My Square payment page is set up - I've set up my page on Square.com if you prefer local pick up or for whatever reason just plain don't want to go through Etsy. I can "sync" my stock across from Etsy to Square now so if you prefer you can just buy direct using my Square payment page. My site is secure by Rapid SSL, but your (secured) payment is actually processed through the Square website which is secured as well. 

What else is new? Free shipping now available on ALL small items! Policy change regarding shipping; free is free even on multiple items! 

Unfortunately, due to rising costs of fabric and other materials, I've had to mildly adjust prices on some items. I haven't raised my prices since I've opened shop so this was well overdue. 

I have opened the website to registration for users who wish to follow the blog. If I get too many spammers however, then that will shoot that down in a hurry. 

I am contemplating discontinuing table runners or just doing them in the Occassionals section. I haven't had much time for them lately other than making some for myself lol. 

I've got a bunch of new bowl cosy's coming in the next day or so. I am working on getting a lot more of the large ones done as I have found that they are also good for other things besides a serving bowl. With our recent move and all that, we didn't cook much so we would have the odd TV dinner or "instant food" as I like to call it lol. The large cosy's are not only great for protecting your hands at the microwave, but they act as a trivet for your TV dinner tray at the table. I'm sure they will fit well other types of ready made microwavable foods as well. So with that, I will be rolling out as many as I can in the near future!

Etsy now synchronizes with Square payment processor online shops which makes it easier for me to manage stock in both places. In the past I used the Square payment system and shop exclusively for local pick ups or crafts fairs and events where I vended.

With this new integration, having the Square shop available makes it more convenient for customers who would rather pick up items in person instead of paying Canada Post shipping fees. There is no option for local pick up on Etsy that I've found. If you live in Cranbrook/Kimberley and surrounding areas, or will be passing through, you can opt to pick up your item using my Square shop once I complete set up. 


This is something I've been meaning to get to for some time... you know, life tends to get in the way lol. I used to keep this nice old chair which belonged to my Grandmother in my bedroom but after the move there just wasn't room. So I thought it would be nice to have in the dining room/living room area. However the fabric on it had definitely seen better days. Since it was probably the very first thing a visitor would see when entering the front door it was time for a make over. 

Once I managed to remove the cat from the chair, ... several times... (it's one of her favorite spots) the chair is now sporting a new removable and washable slip cover. The colours are the from the fabric I used to make my dining chair cushions from and also a small runner. 

I loved the bows on the chairs so put a nice big on on the back of the chair to help hold the cover in place. A button on each side hold the cover around the front legs. I loosely based the design on one I found on the Internet.

Anyway here are a couple pictures of the finished chair. 


I'm so happy to finally be settled into our new place. Well, almost settled... We still have a few areas to do yet but I am excited that the sewing room is done! I can't wait to get back to making things. 

Here is are a couple pics of what the new sewing room looks like...



I just want to add that the experience we had with our movers were just wonderful... much better than our last move which was a much shorter distance! This was a long distance move and everything when very well, with minimal damage. They were professional at all times, courteous, and efficient. They primarily work in the Fraser Valley but they do long distance as well. They are called Go 42 Easy Moving and their number is 604 616 0926. I recommend them highly and don't mind giving them a plug.