I have to apologize for my tardiness in getting things done lately. Both my husband and myself caught that bronchial bug that's going around and it's been a time getting over it. I've just finished my second round of meds and hopefully that will do the trick.

I've got all of my custom orders done, some personal gifts as well and cleaned all the fuzz out from inside my sewing machine so I'm good to go! 

Here is the latest changes to my "to do" list. 

  1. Bus seat pads (a warm little pad for those cold metal bus stop benches) - Don't think I will continue with these.
  2. Dish pads (an alternative or add on f or dish racks) - Approx half dozen available in the shop now and more coming. 
  3. Might make some pet pads for furniture protection. My dog and cat love laying the ones I made for them. 
  4. More Microwave bowl cozy's (in two sizes) - eventually, I usually do these on the treadle sewing machine but I have been sick a lot lately so not enough energy for it at this time lol. 
  5. Potato/corn bags (microwavable bags to make baked potatoes or corn in) - maybe/down the road

Completed projects: 

  1. Custom - shopping cart cover with carry bag
  2. Gift - Baby boy blanket 
  3. Custom - Big boy blanket 
  4. Gifts - Misc. Receiving blankets 

What is a mug rug? Well it's pretty much just a giant coaster. But I have come to prefer them over a regular coaster. They are on average 6 by 8 inches in size and being bigger, they protect furniture better in my eyes. A mug rug fits both your drink and snack or whatever you want, where as a coaster if for a drink only.

I also like that you can make all sorts of different patterns of mug rugs; they are easy and fun to make, and so versatile to use! You don't have to use them for food and drinks, they can be for a nice candle or small flower vase... anything!

This time after Christmas has been a good time to catch up on things. The young lady (friend of the family) in the picture below commissioned me to make her little boy a "big boy" blanket to ease his migration from crib to single bed. The fellow holding the little guy is my son who was visiting with me. She and her husband are expecting their second child soon but I can not post the new baby's blanket just yet as it will give away the sex of the infant. The mom and dad have only told the few that want to know (me included) and the rest want to be surprised. So we'll just have to wait until the happy event happens in February then I'll post the blanket photos. The mom has graciously allowed me to post about her quilts. 


She wanted a construction themed quilt and this fabric was the cutest stuff I could find. There are 6 add on blocks and the top and bottom, and although it's hard to see, the center panel and the 6 blocks are quilted to look like bricks. The quilt is named "Hit the bricks"!

I will post the second quilt which was a gift soon as the baby arrives. 


P.S. I am scrapping the Square Shop extension idea for local purchases for now. I will wait until they improve their software significantly (more features etc). It's  little too simplistic at this time. 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. Ours was quiet but very nice. We are finally starting to adjust to our new surroundings, even the dog and cat are quite settled now. The sewing room is pretty much back in order, "organized chaos" I like to call it lol. At the moment, I'm working on a commissioned blanket for a toddler who is moving into his new "big boy" bed soon. A big change for him I'm sure! 

Our youngest son and family are coming to visit us today actually and will be here for about 5 days or so. Haven't seen them in 6 months! So excited!

As usual, I will be putting the Christmas items on the back burner until next fall when I also will be adding more new things to it. Christmas is the only holiday I make specialized items for. This year, I would like to focus more on baby blankets and mug rugs. I love mug rugs, they are fun to make and I want to come up with some more creative ideas for them. 

UPDATE: These are some of the things I'm thinking of trying: 

  1. Shopping cart "nests" (for baby while riding in shopping cart) - just going to make a commissioned one for now.
  2. Bus seat pads (a warm little pad for those cold metal bus stop benches) - just doing a trial on these right now.
  3. Dish pads (an alternative for dish racks) - got some in the works
  4. More Microwave bowl cozy's (in two sizes) - soon
  5. Potato/corn bags (microwavable bags to make baked potatoes or corn in) - maybe/down the road