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The joys of moving house

Oh the joys of moving house! NOT! Now I remember why we haven’t moved in 26 years! Weekend after next is the big day; a 5 ton truck and 3 guys will move everything we own into our rental apartment. I’ve got all the vintage sewing machines all bubble wrapped and ready to go. The hardest part of it all has been getting rid of the furniture that we needed to downsize from. Not hard emotionally, just plain hard to get rid of lol. I think we finally have that sussed now. There are just a couple things that need picking up yet then we’ve got it beat. 

I’m so excited though about having an actual dedicated sewing room. It was always sort of half here, half there before but I laid claim to the second bedroom and it’s mine! So now I’m looking forward to setting it up and organizing it. 

Next I have to prepare for the craft fair which is 2 weeks after we move. I’m excited that they are doing it over the entire weekend, not just one day, but I’m also glad that I only committed to vending at the one fair this year. 

All in all, I  think this move is a good thing. There will be no more having to shovel snow or mow grass for my husband which I’m sure he’ll appreciate. He’s dog tired after work and it’ll be nicer for him to get home a half hour sooner too.