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November news

Thanks to all who came out to the craft fair at GSS. It’s always a fun and relaxed craft fair to do.

I’ve got the new “Square” payments device that lets you take credit card payments at the fairs or just in person. I also just received their new device that allows you to take debit payments so that is exciting. I can’t wait to try it out! 

We are still unpacking house but are nearly “there” with it all. It’s going to be an ongoing process organizing things which will likely go into the new year I’m sure. I’ve finally managed to un-bury my new sewing room and should be ready to roll sewing again real soon. I’m excited about that… going through withdrawl here!! 

Among all that is going on, unfortunately my elderly dad passed away on November 14th. He was in the final stages of dementia, so even though it saddens us, it was probably for the best. How he was living his life, was not how he had wanted to live his life. 

Once I get back to sewing there are a couple new products I hope to add to the occassionals section. One is dish drying pads with are great for small spaces and RV’s, and the other I learned about at the GSS craft fair thanks to the lady at the table next door to me. She called them “Sit-upons”  which can be for hard seats on walker etc, and the other thing was “Bus stop pads” which are for the elderly or anyone who needs a bit of comfort while waiting on the hard seats at bus stops. Both of these can roll up and easily be carried in a bag. So I’m hoping to whip some up and see how it goes. 

My first project however, is actually for ourselves… 

I’ve revamped my Grandma and Grandpa’s vintage dining set and I need cushions for the chairs. I’ve got some dusty rose fabric and am using this pattern by Ann Brown. I hope they come out as nice at hers!