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To Do List – February 2018

I have to apologize for my tardiness in getting things done lately. Both my husband and myself caught that bronchial bug that’s going around and it’s been a time getting over it. I’ve just finished my second round of meds and hopefully that will do the trick.

I’ve got all of my custom orders done, some personal gifts as well and cleaned all the fuzz out from inside my sewing machine so I’m good to go! 

Here is the latest changes to my “to do” list. 

  1. Bus seat pads (a warm little pad for those cold metal bus stop benches) – Don’t think I will continue with these.
  2. Dish pads (an alternative or add on f or dish racks) – Approx half dozen available in the shop now and more coming. 
  3. Might make some pet pads for furniture protection. My dog and cat love laying the ones I made for them. 
  4. More Microwave bowl cozy’s (in two sizes) – eventually, I usually do these on the treadle sewing machine but I have been sick a lot lately so not enough energy for it at this time lol. 
  5. Potato/corn bags (microwavable bags to make baked potatoes or corn in) – maybe/down the road

Completed projects: 

  1. Custom – shopping cart cover with carry bag
  2. Gift – Baby boy blanket 
  3. Custom – Big boy blanket 
  4. Gifts – Misc. Receiving blankets