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Moving again!

Well, our house deal went through so we are going to be packing up the apartment and moving eastward very soon. This one is a long haul (11 hour drive in 1 day) so it’s going to be a bit more tougher than the last move 7 months ago. 

I won’t be sewing while all of this is going on, I will be getting set up in the new place asap though. If you haven’t visited lately, there are some new items listed in the shop. My online shop will remain open however there may be a delay in shipping times due to all the chaos. 

We are staying at the new place with minimal household items for the time being doing work and upgrades etc. then we plan to go back to pack and move as quickly as we can. 

Looking forward to settling down for a long, long, time!!


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June News

What a great time I had at the Ruskin Hall Spring Market today! There was an exceptional turn out which made the day go quickly. I particularly enjoyed visiting with many old neighbours and friends from when we lived out that way. I came home with a little less in my bins… the microwavable bowl cozies were the hot seller for sure! I will have to get cracking and make some more! 

I’ve added a bunch of new dish drying pads and a few individual bowl cozy’s to the shop. Etsy is coming out with calculated shipping so I will be migrating over to that eventually. 

Soon it will be time to pack up and move once again. This is it for a long time I hope!