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News Oct 19 2018

Slight adjustments in prices again… some things are reduced which is nice, but unfortunately a few things went up. This is simply due to the rising costs of fabrics in my area.

Also there is a new clearance section to check out.

There are some new things coming soon. I’ve just got to get the pre-wash done and catalog them.

One I like to call “Cozy cuddlers” which are made from a couple kinds of “Chenille fleece”. The chenille has to be some of the softest and cuddliest fabrics around! I’ve made some small “cuddle blankets” (approx. 29″ square) from it. These are mainly used to help get baby to go to sleep when rocking him/her or just cuddle while feeding a bottle etc.

How this came to be was when visiting us, my little grandson was fussing a lot when his mom was trying to get his to nap. Of course he wasn’t having it as she didn’t have his regular “going to sleep” blanket right handy. We were sitting in my sewing room at the time, and she asked me if I had just anything that she could wrap around him a little so he’d settle down. I handed her just some fabric which was nice and fuzzy like the chenille and I swear he was out cold within 30 seconds after she cuddled him in it! Well of course after that nap, I made a cuddler blanket out of the fabric and he still uses it today lol.

I’ve got a couple new Christmas things on the go too, some new mug rugs/large coasters and centerpieces for the table.

Quick update on the postal situation –

– This news is from Etsy “The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has issued a strike notice, which means they will be in a legal position to strike as early as Monday 22nd October 2018. If the rotating strike action does occur, the postal service will continue to operate.”

There may only be a slow down in delivery time with the rotation, so that is tolerable.

Well, that’s about it for this time.