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I think it’s a record…

I believe it is a personal best that I’ve managed to make 4 baby quilts in 2 weeks!

Of the most recent ones I did, were a little nautical themed one for a little guy, and I’d been wanting to do a purple girly one for a while now so I’ve finally got it done. They are so fun to do, I just love it! So that means I will have about 6 or 7 baby quilts for show off at the craft fair on the 1st of Dec. I will be posting the newest ones pretty quick.

I’ve been redoing some of the photos for some items as they, in my eyes, are just terrible! I’ve been having a few issues with the pics coming out off colour or too dark etc. So I’m just working out which location in the house is the best for my little photography sessions lol.

In other news, a while back Etsy has made it available for customers to make offline cash purchases such as at local events via Square payment processor and sync. They have partnered with Square reader and discontinued their own payment processor therefore the need for my local shop is probably no longer be needed¬†More info here.¬†They’ve improved upon the connection now, so I am going to just turn off the extension that runs the shop on the site here to see how well things work without it for now.