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Newest additions to the shop

The snow is melting and the temps are warming, and I’m on my sewing machine… sewing is most definitely an addiction lol.

I’m really enjoying my newest machine to the herd, my Janome embroidery machine. It’s so much fun! I’m still learning the software but I hope to have some fancy stuff produced from it over the next year or so. I’ve started with some basic stuff for now, editing stock designs etc and that has produced a couple nice things so far. The first thing I did was an embroidery of my newest grandsons name. I added that to his quilted blanket just after he was born.

Right now, I’m getting back into making table trivets, but I’m doing them a bit different than ones done in the past. I’m making them at least 12 inches square in size and they each have an embroidered design in the center. The borders surrounding the center pieces are pieced together in a style such as “piano keys” or “pinwheels” or alike, and the each trivet is finished with binding which is the same as the center section base fabric. The embroidered areas (heavily threaded areas) have been heat tested and can stand a warm bowl/platter placed upon it with no problem.

Why is the cost a bit higher? There is a good reason for this. It is that each trivet simply costs more to make. There is a considerable amount of thread used for the embroidery process and the specialized thermal “Insul-bright” batting is very expensive here in Canada.

I’ve been making some more kitchen towels as well. I’ve come up with my own concept for their design, although I’m probably not the first one to come up with it. I don’t use a gathering stitch to pull in the gathers but rather use a ribbed ribbon inside to pull up the gathers which gives the towel that frilly look. I’ve got some that have the loop on one end so that is hangs at an angle, and I’ve also got some new ones that have the loop centered on the back so that the towel sits straight across.

I am hoping to have some new oven mitts soon too. I love mine so much that I finally have worn them out. These are not conventional oven mitts, but are a large and rectangular version of microwave mitts.

I’ve made a ladies hair/headband for myself… I got tired of my hair in my mouth whenever I bent over lol. So pending the outcome of how that goes if I make more of them, (and time to do it of course), I may offer a few of those up in the shop at some time. They will be quite affordable as they are fairly easy to make.

Until next time…