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What? Christmas already!

No, not really! But thinking on it, sometime in the near future I’ll be starting on some things for the Christmas fairs. They sure sneak up on you when you are not looking!

I hoping to do a couple local fairs, maybe one in September and not sure when the other will be yet. I’d like to so the Cranbrook library one again as I met some nice people there and had a lot of fun there. I was asked to do the Eagles fair in November but we’ll see how things schedule out later on.

The mug rugs and centerpiece will return this fall, but I’ll be concentrating on table runners and such decor I think.

My microwavables, and other such staples will be available of course.

As far as baby items go, I will continue with baby quilts and people seem to like the burping pads. They are quite a concept; wished I had those when my two were small!