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The grocery bags are here!

roll up grocery bags

I’ve got a few of my reusable grocery bags in my shop already. There are just a few colours for now but more are coming. The one in the photo is from some really cute picnic fabric. There are some blue and tan ones as well besides the red and blue floral ones. These bags roll up so they can easily be shoved into a purse, car console or glove box so that it’s handy.

The price for the bags will be $10 (it costs a yard of fabric for each and every one). There will be free shipping on these of course. Here is a link to their category – 

I’m just waiting on some netting fabric to arrive so I can get started on making some 10 x 10 inch produce bags for veggies. They will have a drawstring closure and if my design works out it will have a colourful ribbon in the casing.