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Some new stuff

Just a quick note to say I’ve got a new domain happening and a new shop location over at Square, my payment processing system’s website. Square has boughten the “Weebly” software and is branding it as their own shops now. After much pondering about it, I decided to forge ahead and try it out.

I’ve got the new domain set up on the website here labelled as “New Shop –” (for now – it’ll get shorten later on). It leads to the new shops location on Square. Square is a secured site so anything customers do there is safe to do. It is also set up more so for local selling too, such as at the craft fairs, or local pick up etc. The link to the Etsy shop is still there, listed under the new link. I still have Etsy, but this is much more cost efficient to use. I still have many items in my Etsy shop but I may or may not be renewing them there. Since I deal in Canada only, using a Canadian payment processor and shop makes more sense. I will continue to use Etsy, but if the Square site works out then I will eventually migrate over.

The new URL for the new Square site shop is: (just added “shop” to my usual domain)
(the http with the S meaning it is “secure”) If the site does not load for you yet, then it just has not finished “propagating” so it should work at a later time. They say it can take a couple days to set up a new domain.

There is everything from Etsy, plus some other things, and some new stuff too. I do have a shipping cost only on some of the very bulky things. Everything else is free shipping as usual.