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Fall is here already

It’s almost time for the Kimberley Fall Fair. I’m so excited! I received an email from the organizers that had some updated info for all the vendors. They have added an hour to the Sunday date, so now it’s open until 4pm instead of 3pm. With the assistance of my husband, I will be heading down to the Marysville arena on Friday for set up time… a whole 2 minutes away from home lol!

I’ve got some new things that I have been making lately. I’ve been working on some Christmas stuff such as Santa Cookie Coasters as I like to call them. Each have a cute embroidery on them that says “Cookies & Milk for Santa” on them. They are only $5 a piece. I just finished a batch of some wine bottle carriers or totes too. I’ve never done them before, but it was fun. Those will be $10 each… no, no wine included lol! Here is a link to the Christmas category –

After the countdown is finished counting down to the fair that is coming this weekend, I will post info for the next fair which is “November to Remember” at the Heritage Inn Hotel in Cranbrook.

I’m taking October to work on personal Christmas gifts, shhhhh, don’t tell anybody!