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What a great weekend at the fair!

It was a bit on the cold side, mainly because it is an arena and we are having a little cold snap right now, but it was otherwise a fantastic weekend at the Kimberley Fall Fair! I enjoyed meeting new people, sold a few things… alas little “Stripes” the zebra baby quilt found it’s forever home. Some wee baby boy will be nice and toasty in that one.

There were many vendors there that were from Alberta. My next door vendor neighbours from Lethbridge could not go home last night due to the terrible road conditions in the pass. I wish them safe travels for today’s travels.

Overall, this fair was exciting, extremely busy, a little stressful, but I think I would love to do that one again next year.

One to the next event which is “November to Remember”, Nov 16th 2019 at the Heritage Inn & Hotel. I’ve started a new countdown for it (see “Upcoming Events” on the right side of the blogs page)