My standard bags: I make these bags using a pattern that I found from the Internet. The bags have a handy elastic on the bottom so you can easily roll them up when not in use. Just throw in your purse or leave in the glove box so that you always have one on hand. 

The bags are not lined, but have a facing inside to nicely finish off the top and handle area. Top stitching holds it all in place very well. The handles are triple stitched across to be extra durable. The inside seams on the rest of the bag are all done with with "French seams" so the bag seams will never fray.

To finish them off I add boxed corners on the bottom which are also done with a French seam.

Now if you like something a little higher end...

I've been making Bento "Japanese Origami" bags which are in a "boho hippie" style of shopping bag.

I make these with high end "Bali Batik" cotton fabrics which is a higher thread count and is one of my absolute favourite fabrics. It is pricey, but so exotic looking! Despite it's good looks, the bags are still quite washable and durable. These bags are is fully lined with a lightweight broadcloth that is off white in colour. 

These bags also have a handy elastic on the bottom for rolling up when not in use.

The inside seams are enclosed, so the bag's seams will never fray and it is finished with a pair of cute buttons. The fabric is 100% Bali Batik cotton.