About Me:

I have been sewing now for over 50 years and love quilting as much as my grandmother did. My mother loved to sew as well, but she was more of a fashionista, making her own dresses for going out with dad on New Year’s Eve and such.

I particularly enjoy trying and learning new things. Like many quilters I’m always on the look out for unique things to make. I enjoy both machine and hand quilting. My machine quilting is without the use of a long arm sewing machine.

I really enjoy creating quilted blankets and other items for babies and small items for the table such as centerpieces, mug rugs and useful things like microwave bowl cozy’s.

I use my Singer Confidence Quilter sewing machine mainly for everything, however I love to get on the old treadle once in a while and whip something up on it. I love making the microwave cozy’s on the treadle! I use my mom’s old 1955 Singer 99k as well. It is the machine I first learned to sew on so it is dear to my heart.

My Story:

I started off hand sewing learning to make clothes for my Barbie dolls at age of around 8 or 9 as many girls have done. I took up home economics in school but went a little further in later grades take courses on learning more about fabrics and how to make your own patterns etc. After that as many do, I made clothes, but always liked to try something new, so I eventually got into making wedding gowns for family and friends. I put on by hand over 1500 beads on my cousins gown!

Later, in my “nesting” phase of pregnancy, I made just about everything you could make for a baby lol. Then got busy with life and children… sewing had to take a break other than doing repairs on ripped knees, worn out pockets etc.

Once the kids were grown and gone, finally got glasses for my ailing eyesight and bought myself a new Singer. I taught for a while, then was mesmerized by the quilting my best friend had done. It was a bucket list thing, something I had always wanted to learn. My grandmother was a quilter and I had a couple or her quilts that needed dire repair. My friend taught me the basics, and I was off and running! That was over 5 years ago now. I started my Etsy shop in July of 2014 and I enjoy it immensely.

I love quilting and can’t get enough learning of it! Addiction? Perhaps! My motto is “There is never enough fabric!” which is so true. There is always something out there new and beautiful just waiting to be taken home by me!

My Portfolio:

Thanks for having a look at some of the things I create. These are some of the items I make and sell in my online shop and in person in my home or at craft fairs. Also I do custom orders for baby quilts, and others things, I gift to friends and relatives, or donate.

Baby Quilts

Burp Cloths

Mug Rugs


Microwavable Items

Bowl Cozy’s in 2 sizes – Individual & Serving Bowl size