Items purchased between Dec 2nd & Dec 6th will be shipped on Dec 7th. I will be unavailable during this time.
More tea towel clip-on loops are coming! More shopping bags too in a new style!

I won't be doing any craft fairs this year. I will be looking forward to them next year though. 

I may be taking a little break from making tea towels, however, instead I may be offering the "topper loops" by themselves for a little while instead. These will be wider than usual custom loops that can be attached to ANY tea towel that you already own or buy at the department store.

I've rolled out the 1st ten clip-on loops for tea towels which are Christmas oriented. They seem to be going well as three have sold already. They go for $5.00 ea and more are coming soon in both Christmas and in regular colours. 

Greens/Gold/Silver & Reds

I am beginning to roll out my Christmas stock for this year. I usually display it from late Sept/ early Oct to end of January each year. Shop the Christmas category now