My "Museum" of vintage sewing machines. I've been collecting these old wonderful machines for a while now.

I love my Singers, my favourite being the machine I grew up with and learned on, my mother's 99k machine from 1955. I do have the odd machine that is not a Singer though. I have an Eaton's, and a fiddle based one that my husband and I think is old but had no name until an acquaintance identified as a Hengstenberg. Not sure of the year, but it at least has a name now.

In the past year I finally acquired a Singer Featherweight 221k which I have named "cutie-pie" because it is so little and cute. I also just recently found a "Rocketeer" 503A which I think are harder to find, especially in a portable. Click on a link to view info about a machine. 

1896 Singer model 28 with hand crank

 1898 Singer Model 28 Victorian Coffin Top

 1904 Singer "Pheasant" Model 27

 1914 Singer "Egyptian" or "Lotus" Model 66K

  1918 Singer Parlor Model 127

  1921 Singer Model 127-3 Treadle

  1923 Singer Model 128 "La Vencedora"

  1936 Singer Model 15-88 Treadle

1949 Singer "Featherweight" Model 221K

 1955 Singer Model 99K

  1961 Singer "The Rocketeer" Model 503J Slant-o-matic

  Eaton's Machines pre-1926

Hengstenberg - age unknown