Eatons - Head only - Not much is known about this machine. From what basic research we could find, it may be prior to 1926. We got it for free from someone in White Rock who was going to repurpose it's cabinet.

Eatons Treadle - Not much is known about this machine. Inside is it's original Eaton head. From what research we could find, it may be prior to 1926. What is unique about this cabinet, is that when you open the lid, a chain goes into motion which brings the machine head up in a flip up fashion. It also has wooden wheels.

I asked at an online vintage sewing machine forum about this machine and here was their response: 

Needlebar's got some info on the Eaton machine. That site says it's most similar to the Free - New Royal class machines, most likely mgs by Raymond with some of Free's designs. Would be nice if it takes the same shuttle/needles as New Royal as they are not that hard to get. Many Raymond machines take a shuttle similar to White - the one with the pin in the middle.

Needlebar site says that after 1926 Eaton only sold machines from National. Prior to that they sold machines made by Raymond, Standard and National. So it's most likely your machine is pre 1926.

Needlebar does have a copy of an ad from 1908, but it's easy to tell the two machines in the add are both made by National, so that's no help for your machine.