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New products and pages

Upcoming Events:

I’ve been busy sewing steady lately making some new things for upcoming craft fairs and for the Etsy shop. Next week I will prepare everything for travelling to the Eagles Hall craft fair. It’s a 3 day event which sounds tiring but also sounds like fun!

I was asked about hanging kitchen towels and also about casserole carriers at the last craft fair I did at Christmas time. I am happy to say that I have a few of those items available for the next event! I will have a couple large size tea cozies, and I hope to have more quilts at future events. I am doing all of my free motion quilting on my Janome embroidery machine now a days so those I hope to be something special!

I’m hoping to get into a few fairs that are done more so in Kimberley for fall/winter. I’ve inquired about the “Kimberley Makers Market” which I hope to get in on. Their latest fair was advertised on the local radio station so I imagine the experience a great turn out. I hope to participate in their next fairs as it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Still in the thinking stages but I may even have a small showing at home here this summer!

Site Changes:

I’ve changed my “local purchases” page into a page to display items that are only available at the next upcoming craft fairs that I am at. Please visit my new “At the Craft Fair” page to check out the additions and changes.┬áThese items are not available at my Etsy shop, but if you want a sneak peek at anything and live local, you are welcome to pop by for a quick browse. Just shoot me an email on what you would like to see via my contact form on site here.